Dancing is great exercise!
You can do it anywhere.
You can do it in a chair,
you can do it on the beach,
you can do it on the street.

You can be inspired by the beat
to lift your feet.
You can do it slow
to beat the heat.

You can do it fast,
to get your blood moving,
lift your spirits
and help your heart last.

You can dance when you’re young,
you can can dance when you’re old.
You can dance with your heels,
or dance with your toes.

You can move your ch’i
and purify your prana
You can wiggle your hips
and keep your back free.

Moving to music,
It’s fun and it’s free
So everyday
find a way
to keep on moving!

Your heart and your blood vessels
and your knee joints will surely thank you
for keeping everything fluid.
For the secret of aging well is that if you
keep moving and you can be
free of pain, too.

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    Thank you! There is so much noise out there, I like to post when I have something worthwhile to say.

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