Stay on the path

IMG_1355It is a journey of a million little steps. It’s what you do, each day, every day, the balance of pleasure in the moment, and good decisions for the long run. Choosing wisely, but also being compassionate with yourself and having fun. Life is to be lived, not saved up for some mythic future. None of know what the future holds. But if we do make it to being old people, we don’t want to wear ourselves out, or miss out on having a grand time getting there. It’s a matter of balance. If you find yourself falling off the wagon, then get back on the next day. Choose to enjoy things that are good for you like exercise, singing, dancing. Indulge sometimes in things that might be “bad” for you, (i.e sugar) a little goes a long way, so you don’t have deprive/binge cycle. Everyone has to find their own balance, hopefully it’s a long ride and you get to learn along the way, what truly makes you happy. It might be a long and winding road, might as well stay on the path, the path to health. To help you steer, you can refer to “Explaining Health: what you need to know to stay healthy.”

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