Beach dreaming

Imagine that you are lying on a white sands beach, the gentle sound of the surf in the background, the heat of the sun feels good on your face, and your body is sinking more deeply into the warm sand. You can hear the sound of the seagulls, sniff the salty air and feel a gentle breeze caress your cheek. You are feeling deeply relaxed.

IMG_0120Your body does not know the difference, if you are really lying on that beach or stuck in your cubicle at work. If you imagine it with all of your senses, your body will respond to those thoughts. Your heart rate will slow down and your breathing will deepen. Your nervous system will switch from fight-or-flight, to rest-and-digest. You can go on vacation, anytime. You just need to imagine yourself there. Take the time. And best of all, no traffic, no jet lag. Just breathe. Let yourself go there.

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